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more people in private room

it would be nice to be able to invite more than one person in our private apartments

ManonFR, 07.04.2013, 00:36
Idea status: scheduled


Palandus, 11.04.2013, 20:00
And be able to invite both bots, when no one else it on!
NeliaHawk, 06.10.2013, 07:35
why just bots?

keep the "add+" button on the screen all the time, to invite multiple characters (maybe a option to switch your active character so you could have all 3 in your room (+bots but do you need bots then?) and walk with one then switch to another and do stuff with them so they dont just stand at the door.)

add the friendslist to the bot/character list in the "add+" menu. so we could invite multiple people from the friendslist too without inviting each i.e. in the club.

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