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More faces - most important missing races

Right now there is no face for black african female or male. I bet there are alot of examples of other missing races. But I mention this because I noticed how wrong most faces looked when you changed to very dark color.

Morris , 15.03.2013, 13:07
Idea status: under consideration


CocoPop, 16.03.2013, 18:31
Thanks for bringing this up! I totally agree :)

- Coco
Morris, 11.05.2013, 08:46
With some new graphics/lightning/brightness things look alot better. Especially when it comes to hair. But still I would love to see more faces since I don't find anyone fitting me. I also understand that you can't satisfy all of the members with the first 4 beta faces.

I still have to say I really love your updates so far, I am cheering for you. Just had to update my post with a post, because I don't feel that annoyed about the game or what kind of picture you got. Hope to see this update in the future when you have time anyway.

Thank you for a great game so far, keep it up!

- Morris c . s
JayMike, 09.04.2014, 05:25
Something like this would be amazing for customizing your character


Would be awesome and make 3dx way more popular
ec333, 28.04.2014, 05:27
Ya it is a must for more varied customizations = more players = more loyalty.

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