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public gang bang & bukkake room

a special room for girls who cant get enough. just a basement with a mattress in the middle and 1 or 2 girls on it, ready to get screwed by many guys. some stools around it for men waiting her turn and some watchers/voyeur places. some poses just to jerk on the girls giving them nice bukkake showers and creampies.

gleason873, 20.01.2013, 09:54
Idea status: scheduled


Sassa, 16.02.2013, 10:38
hmmmmm i will love to see how much of you can take me and another to climax

like how you think 1 vote more

dale papi tenemos q mejorar al 100% este gran juego!
Lizzy, 14.04.2013, 03:31
A lot of very nice ideas here. I'm pleased to see it's scheduled. I'm sure it will have to roll out in phases with all of this. Hopefully male and female masturbation, furniture based and free standing, is one of the earlier additions, as that would be useful in the meantime, too.
Joyce Chatzy, 14.08.2013, 02:02
This gave me the idea to suggest an option for GloryHoles, like some bathroom stalls with holes in them in this specific area, maybe make it something anonymous by making the names invisible when inside of there.
Krandom, 18.09.2013, 03:13
Krandom approves.

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