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Dunno how hard this would be to implement, but to allow muscles on both the male and female. I'm not really into bodybuilder females, but a bit of muscle tonage in the arms, legs, chest, and such would look great.

Jackson, 24.12.2012, 03:31
Idea status: under consideration


Tom, 27.03.2013, 16:43
You can already customize your hands, legs, stomach and other body parts width. I think that's enough.
Palandus, 30.09.2013, 19:12
The amount of customization is actually fairly lacking in such a good looking title. I agree that more customization should be allowed.

What if I wanted a girl with a more curvy body rather than flat (as it stands), or one with a larger rounder ass, or with different thickness of legs. Muscles would be awesome just not crazy bodybuilder. I support this idea!

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