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3DXChat is the web's newest downloadable interactive game strictly made for adults who want to connect and experience a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming. Looking For 3D Virtual Sex? Hot virtual sex with a real partner! Join the 3DXChat community with the 3DXChat client, chat, date and enjoy lifelike 3D sex. The limits are defined by your imagination.
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217 votes Vote

Back Alley space behind the club

The backdoor at the end of the hallway where all the couches are should lead to an alley and the door just opens when you click on it so it's not actually a different location. It'd just be an add on to the club. Also, add a towel boy to the...
Nyeh, 12.03.2013, 16:50
211 votes Vote

bigger tits and 3some sex

more customizable face and tits and cock sex with 2 girls and 1 man and sex 2 men with 1 girl
eloise, 04.07.2013, 21:38
210 votes Vote

Night setting for apartment

Would be nice to have a night setting option for your apartment in the home editor.
Eva, 09.02.2013, 09:12
207 votes Vote

Other Clothing Options

For the Her model: Skirts Spagetti Strap Shirt Bra with underboob showing Short Shirt with underboob showing Gloves Hats (Ballcap, toque, other) Piercings (ear, tongue, nipple, vagina) Bondage gear (collar, wrist, ankle, gag, blindfold)...
Jackson, 19.01.2013, 19:00
1 comment
202 votes Vote

AFK or BRB Marker.

A switch to turn on that shows that you're away for the time being to anyone that may enter the room. It would show something like "Away" underneeth your name or something like that. 'Kay thanks! -Nyeh
Nyeh, 11.04.2013, 21:18
197 votes Vote

Control sex directly (rythm, depth of pentration

Upon sex it would be cool to be able to control movement by dragging the hip (hand, head, ...) with the mouse in order to control the rhythm and the depth of penetration
AnotherDude, 03.04.2013, 16:52
1 comment
193 votes Vote


Make stalls in the bathroom so we can utilize gloryholes ^^
malcolm, 02.06.2013, 14:05
190 votes Vote

Rough, rugged, black and older looking faces for males

Add more face options for males, add older looking, more rough, more rugged looking faces. And add some black face options too so that everyone can have the right looks.
Eva, 20.01.2013, 04:22
186 votes Vote

Pubic Hair

Give the option to have several different types of pubic hair (ie hairy, overgrown, air strip, shaved, stubble, etc...) with the option to change its color for both male and female models.
Jackson, 23.01.2013, 22:39
183 votes Vote

pose request

It's a missionary pose, but the girl tkake her legs on the man shoulders. That would be hot
Nick, 09.02.2013, 06:11
183 votes Vote

more interactions

well something like drink alcohol smoke get drunk and that things (STRIP POKER!!!) dont know things like that
Sassa, 16.02.2013, 10:44
176 votes Vote

Colorful bikinis

Please add some colorful bikinis. http://i.imgur.com/rAsKbME.jpg http://fwallpapers.com/files/imagecache/content600/images/adriana-lima-colorful-bikini.jpg...
Response from the site administrator
sgdevil, 07.04.2013
Nice pics, thanks ;) Will be added asap.
Bikini, 30.03.2013, 08:48
175 votes Vote


Have the option to put different shades of tan on the models. Maybe even has specific ones like tanlines for wearing a bra and panties.
Jackson, 22.01.2013, 20:52
1 comment
174 votes Vote

Mature appearances

The ability to make avatars look middle aged to elderly would be a plus as all avatars presently look between 18 and 30. Alterations in skin, build, and hair degrees of wrinkling, skin loosening, or balding would be prime. I think a simple slider...
Puritania, 16.04.2014, 19:40
174 votes Vote

BBW Body Type

it would be great if thicker body types would be possible including larger breasts and ass
evilshadow82, 27.08.2014, 08:20
173 votes Vote

beach activities

I think it would be nice to put a wedge "beach volleyball" and a dance bar on the beach. it can increase the activities of your game, which should not only be sexual. Thank you.
Aurelia, 13.05.2013, 09:32
171 votes Vote

sex poses and outfits

why not create a software to download combined with this game where we could create our own poses ourselves and our own clothes and offer them to other players?
Cynthia, 27.04.2013, 05:23
165 votes Vote

erotic dance and sensual movement

Hello, first of all congratulations for your beautiful game I like dancing and seduction, I think it would be nice to add some erotic dance movements like waving the body, bend or fondling to tease a few spectators. I also think of other...
Cynthia, 13.07.2013, 16:55
163 votes Vote

Skirts and tights!

Please add some sexy skirts and tights. It's one of the sexiest things for females! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_WOKdJNiH71w/TNF0gs__evI/AAAAAAAAKXg/Ia-X0VZYeS0/s1600/05a.jpg...
Skirts&Tights, 07.05.2013, 13:26
161 votes Vote

Leather and Latex

more fetish cloths always welcome
Henry, 03.03.2013, 11:50
159 votes Vote

Free trial, to attract new players

A tricky one, as people might just keep creating trials, but blocking by an ip or email, will atleast slow down freebyers. On the other hand, it would attract more people to try it. The game is awesome, and im sure the more people pay for it,...
Rafael, 07.01.2013, 16:53
152 votes Vote

beach positions ..sex, pairing, cuddling, kissing

There needs to me actions possible on the sand...both passive and active. Couples cuddling..adding lotion, sitting together, laying together...sexual options, kissing options
Jess, 25.06.2013, 17:25
151 votes Vote

update things people actually want

the updates your are bringing out are all well and good but you could be getting a lot more people online if your update the things people have been actually voting for. like more sex positions possibly like the juliet sex game which is a very...
Response from the site administrator
sgdevil, 11.03.2013
Sure! We will add this features asap.
4aranL, 10.03.2013, 19:54
150 votes Vote

I believe the game needs more casual things.

I know it's a sex game, but the role play is an important part of it. Like being able to cudle in bad, drink a beer in club, maybe even offer a drink to someone. Some more options to do at home with your partner so you would want to stay with...
Bigby, 05.05.2013, 13:13
150 votes Vote

the drinks be able to consume them and feel the effects

allow person to accept or decline drink from partner and feel effects and lower inhibitions of drinker and less control of self and more for partner
donner, 24.07.2013, 01:53
149 votes Vote

Allow for Distortion when Blowjob

What I mean is that when you blowjob or deepthroat you actually see a bump in the throat or in the cheek (if the penis is pressed up against it).
Jackson, 24.12.2012, 03:29
149 votes Vote

Clean the Cum in the Club

Clean the Cum on body with Washing hands in the Club. And add the Cumshot poses from pool and Bed to the VIP room please. thanks
JessicaJ, 07.02.2013, 18:54
149 votes Vote

A new beach location: Beach Club.

Hi guys, first of all, great game and thanks for the stand-alone :) After playing for two days now I have noticed that the club is dark and feels cold while it has great music. The beach however is beautiful and feels warm but is quiet. How...
Elle, 19.07.2013, 13:21
146 votes Vote

Maximum Pleasure Mode

Maybe create a special mode where you can skip the sex part, and just go straight for the blowjob/ cumshot/ creampie/ etc... Maybe even allow multiple layers of cum on top of each other, with persistent cum features as well built in.
Jackson, 24.12.2012, 00:13
145 votes Vote


It's possible to extend the cock for blowjob pose. And more option for this.
Lucia, 22.12.2012, 19:48

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