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3DXChat is the web's newest downloadable interactive game strictly made for adults who want to connect and experience a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming. Looking For 3D Virtual Sex? Hot virtual sex with a real partner! Join the 3DXChat community with the 3DXChat client, chat, date and enjoy lifelike 3D sex. The limits are defined by your imagination.
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Error 404

I am reporting an error is popping up when I tried to go to http://sexgamedevil.com/updates.html, http://sexgamedevil.com/contact.html, etc..which also an error pops up when the game goes to do an update. But I am still able to log into the game.
MadDog, 04.10.2013, 19:40
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Can't log in.

Celestine, 28.10.2013, 00:07
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the idea for the forum

I would like to see the partitions to communicate in a forum for the various language groups, Russian, English and others. I just speak Russian is my English is poor, and the forum is a place where you can communicate, plan what that action
MarryAn, 08.10.2013, 05:36
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Can't reach 3DXChat world - Blocked on splashscreen

I joined two days ago but never succeded 3DXChat world. The game is freezing on splashscreen. Can anyone help me, please? It's sad paying for a game unreachable.
Djiddy, 11.11.2013, 18:15
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Fatal error. i have a problem. always 5 - 30 minutes i get a big error

the message is: Fatal error in gc GetThreadContext failed
Connie, 02.11.2013, 08:11
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Crash report folder name "2013-11-13_125046" ??

Hi All,this message came while I was strating the game.
Dorian, 13.11.2013, 15:41

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