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3DXChat is the web's newest downloadable interactive game strictly made for adults who want to connect and experience a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming. Looking For 3D Virtual Sex? Hot virtual sex with a real partner! Join the 3DXChat community with the 3DXChat client, chat, date and enjoy lifelike 3D sex. The limits are defined by your imagination.
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2123 votes Vote

3somes and Group sex

I am loving this new chat and I had been playing in 3dChat for a year and the one thing they need is group sex as we ahve naked parties and at times a woman would want to be done by 2 or more guys. Plus multy invites will also be nice as we would...
MadDog, 11.01.2013, 03:44
1436 votes Vote

Against wall and table sex poses

i think it pretty much speaks for itself. its very basic thing to have in a sex game
peter, 26.01.2013, 12:26
1348 votes Vote

3DxChat "Version Offline whit Bots Free Download"

a 3dxchat.exe version offline for all users and free download "no credit card pay" please ! you play only whit bots and no real players!. Put this option in www.3dxchat.com/join a 3dxchat offline version. Launch this version please.
Cadu, 28.09.2013, 16:36
1325 votes Vote

Knock-up the Girls

It would be great to have the "option" to knock-up girls the time of "cum-inside / creampie". Of course this should be an "option" configurable on the character-side of the girls to have a knocked-up belly from the start or to have the option...
Henry, 03.03.2013, 11:46
1246 votes Vote

public gang bang & bukkake room

a special room for girls who cant get enough. just a basement with a mattress in the middle and 1 or 2 girls on it, ready to get screwed by many guys. some stools around it for men waiting her turn and some watchers/voyeur places. some poses just...
gleason873, 20.01.2013, 09:54
1225 votes Vote

add Swimsuits and more High Heels and Sexy Dresses

add more clothed please
Lucia, 24.12.2012, 22:20
1088 votes Vote

AChat style sub-actions: various touches, licks...

AChat is a similar game that has been around for awhile and has a good range of content. The best thing about it, IMHO, is that every 'pose' has a big range of sub-actions that you and your partner(s) can choose from. So, for example, during oral...
madisonx, 07.03.2013, 02:08
992 votes Vote

Sex in Water

Have the option to have sex in a pool, or maybe even a shower... or underneath a waterfall?
Jackson, 23.01.2013, 22:47
1 comment
962 votes Vote

Ability to have Sex with dress

The mini dress and skirt are very sexy. Why not keep them during sex act?
Youri972, 14.02.2013, 00:06
882 votes Vote

Cum in the person and orgys

The options to cum into male or female, any hole. And the ability to have more than a two person limit on activities. Think it would not only add a different aspect to the game but maybe help draw in a bigger crowd. Just imagine, a 3-5 person orgy...
Matt, 27.04.2013, 13:37
1 comment
874 votes Vote


Her: -> Pigtails -> Long and straight (ie length to the tip of the nipple) -> Wavy -> Curly -> Bald/Balding
Jackson, 02.01.2013, 23:06
872 votes Vote

Standing sex poses

I was thinking about something like standing sex poses, could make it like when you invite a partner to dance, the difference would be that you would invite a partner to have standing sex anywhere you would want, just like the couples dance at the...
Eva, 16.02.2013, 06:31
1 comment
863 votes Vote

More faces - most important missing races

Right now there is no face for black african female or male. I bet there are alot of examples of other missing races. But I mention this because I noticed how wrong most faces looked when you changed to very dark color.
Morris, 15.03.2013, 13:07
858 votes Vote

Sex toys, like strap ons, dildos, etc...

will like to see sex toys added, even stuff for bondage as people do get kinky
MadDog, 10.01.2013, 19:59
746 votes Vote

sex in public rooms (ie. the club)

having sex in public rooms (ie. the club) as couples, 3somes up to gangbangs for busy girls. other guests could watch and/or join in.
gleason873, 20.01.2013, 08:47
732 votes Vote

Pussy Juice

Have vaginal liquid leak from her vagina, while fucking her vagina, or fucking her anus. Squirting is cool too!
Jackson, 18.01.2013, 21:04
1 comment
668 votes Vote


Instead of just 1 to 2 inch heels for females, maybe add: -> Sneakers -> Sandals -> 3 to 4 inch heels -> Closed tip heels (don't see the toes) -> Knee-high boots
Jackson, 02.01.2013, 23:03
640 votes Vote

Seamless sex transition

I dunno if this is in the game or not, but, it would be nice if when you change a sexual position, instead of instantly switching to a new position that instead the two models dynamically change. Ie They start out having missionary on a bed, then...
Jackson, 22.01.2013, 20:50
621 votes Vote

Penis/Cum settings.

Something I'd like to see, as you can already change the size of the breasts and buttocks, is a way to increase the penis' length, and girth, as well as have persistent cum (ie you cumshot on them and are able to have more sex with them with the...
Jackson, 23.12.2012, 06:30
595 votes Vote

Morphing Skirts

One thing I always found strange is when a woman has short skirt and goes into sex, the skirt disappears. It has always been my thought that there should be a second "instance" of the skirt where it's been lifted up around her waist that loads...
Avalucia, 09.02.2013, 01:12
591 votes Vote

more blowjob options for the home

additional options for blowjob & sex positions for the home couch,bed,and pool
Michael, 16.02.2013, 03:42
579 votes Vote

More male/female voice and expression

The game needs more voice options. example:soft, medium, and hard. In general chat: laugh,greet, saying goodbye. But definitely more expression n voices for sex.
Number17, 27.01.2013, 14:30
554 votes Vote

Simulated Weather with a Day/Night Cycle

I'd like to suggest an artificial weather system in areas like the beach and apartment to make it more engaging, rather than a static scene. Maybe weather like an overcast system, storm clouds with lightning in the distance, sunny, partially...
Ceil, 08.04.2013, 15:26
538 votes Vote

expand more places and enviroment

- Toilet - Club - Forest or Garden - Beach - Classroom and etc
Victor_Gah, 21.12.2012, 14:38
528 votes Vote

Non-Highheeled Walk

I noticed in several of the pictures that even when the Her model has no shoes on, she appears to walk as if she did have them on (she walks on her tip-toes). Would it be possible to have her walk normally (as in heel on the floor; as if she was...
Jackson, 22.01.2013, 20:39
526 votes Vote

ability to spread leg to show pussy

while sitting or standing, or lift skirt to give a little peek to your close friend
volrathz, 30.07.2013, 21:09
523 votes Vote

Shower and toilet in flat, paintings

I think shower and toilet should be added into flats too. Females could wash cum in the shower. I think it would be really exciting, especially if there would be realistic water flow effect. :o Second thing is paintings. They really should be...
Anonimous, 28.03.2013, 09:47
516 votes Vote


Dunno how hard this would be to implement, but to allow muscles on both the male and female. I'm not really into bodybuilder females, but a bit of muscle tonage in the arms, legs, chest, and such would look great.
Jackson, 24.12.2012, 03:31
481 votes Vote

Relaxed cuddles

Add couple animations where you can cuddle, or just sit relaxed with your partner. Examples, sat next to each other holding hands, resting your head on your partners shoulder. laying whilst your partner sits and resting your head in their lap.
Sapphic, 15.03.2013, 23:32
472 votes Vote

more people in private room

it would be nice to be able to invite more than one person in our private apartments
ManonFR, 07.04.2013, 00:36

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